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The conquering Cholas constructed monuments to their religion – Brahmanism – and especially temples to Shiva, where admirable bronze statues were found (they are now in the museum at Colombo). The reconquest of Ceylon by Vijayabahu I (c.1070) did not put an end to the city’s role as capital, but it became covered with Buddhist […]

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Kandy (also known as Maha Nuwara, “Great City”) was designated a World Heritage site in 1988, and today has a population of over 100,000. It is an administrative, commercial, cultural, and educational centre that attracts pilgrims and tourists alike. Kandy is located in the Central Highlands (elevation: 1,640 feet) on the Mahaweli River and on […]

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Built in the 5 century AC this magnificent complex of geometrically laid gardens, pools, fountains (still working today) as well as oldest surviving murals of maidens has been a palace of the King Kasyapa. Built on top of a 200m high rock, the entrance to the climb once has been through a lions head. Only […]

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Dambulla The Golden Rock Temple

Dambulla Rajamaha Temple of Rangiri Dambulla (Golden Rock Temple) Located north of Kandy and considered by most to be the centre point of Sri Lanka. Dambulla is a town built around a vast isolated rock mass and a World Heritage City, declared by UNESCO. The name Dambulla derives from Damba – Rock and Ulla – […]

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